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DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain. Digibyte is a digital asset that cannot be destroyed, forged or hacked, which makes it ideal for protecting valuable objects such as currency, information, property or important digital data.

What does the company/project do?

Digibyte can be sent through DigiByte Blockchain and permanently recorded on an unchanged public book, which is decentralized to thousands of computers around the planet.

High security and scalability

Industry-leading transaction speeds

Trial and proven technology for 4 years

Managed units ready for mass connection

The active team of developers and well-known founder

What makes DigiByte safer?

Global decentralization

Blockchain Digibyte is distributed to 100,000 servers, computers, phones and nodes around the world.

5 Mining algorithms

Digibyte uses five secure and advanced cryptographic extraction algorithms to prevent the centralization of production compared to single algorithms.

Advanced stability

The complexity adjustment protects the blockchain from several types of malicious attacks. By creating and implementing DigiShield & MultiShield, DigiByte has the most complex stability of any blocking chain in the world today.

What does DigiByte Faster do?

15-second blocks

Digibyte has the fastest block speed of any public UTXO blockchain in the world today with 15-second block timing.

Early implementation of SegWit

A segregated witness allows several innovations to appear on the Digibyte blockchain, such as cross-linked transactions and single-confirmation transactions.

Stiffness of blockchain

Digibyte operations, unlike other transactions on another blockchain, are limited in size and volume to increase speed, efficiency, and throughput. The most important thing is security.

What does DigiByte Forward Thinking do?

Information Security

DigiByte Blockchain technology can be used and applied to applications, capturing 90% of the most common vulnerabilities affecting the Internet today.

IOT devices

The future of Digibyte includes an emphasis on using the protection of Digibyte on IOT devices and services that require reliable communication.

Artificial Intelligence

By combining the achievements in DigiByte Blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, we are studying new innovations in the field of automation and data analysis.

DigiByte Coin – Cryptocurrency

The assortment of products Digibyte consists of three main areas of application:



DigiByte Gaming

Digiexplorer – a kind of search engine for the entire Digibyte database. For example, you can search for specific transactions.

Digibot-Telegram is a product of cooperation between Digibyte and the telegram news messenger.

All you need to do is to contact @digubot to get information about the current exchange rate or specific transactions.

For example, DigiByte Gaming – this is an opportunity to earn coins Digibyte, playing Counter-Strike, League of Legends or World of Warcraft. Therefore, they are also called currency and blockchain gamers.

DigiByte Mining

Digibyte offers not only many secure options for private users, but it is also especially beneficial for miners.

If you want to become an active miner, you can do this through Blockfactory or DigiHash.

Especially DigiHash gives miners on different levels the opportunity to earn coins.

Digibyte uses five individual mining algorithms, which are equally separated. Each algorithm has its own customization of complexity, which is divided against other algorithms in a dynamic process known as MultiShield.

MultiShield is an improved version of the original DigiShield (asymmetric complexity setting is now widely implemented in many other block-chains). Digibyte for the first time chose MultiShield and DigiShield.

DigiHash is a pool that supports five Digibyte development algorithms and also connects to the EasyMiner beginner pool.

In total, there are five mining algorithms in Digibayt. On average, the algorithm gives 20% of new blocks.

This strong decentralization shows how safe the Digibyte system is: a hacker will need 93% of the algorithm’s hehrats, and another 51% will need four more algorithms to log into the system.

As in many other cryptocurrencies, a digital wallet can be downloaded so that your coins are safe.

Digibyte is supported by Windows 64 and 32 bit systems, Mac OS X, Chrome Gaming, Android DigiByte, Gaming Wallet Github, Ubuntu / Linux 64 and 32 Bit, and Source Code.

Then the user can send coins to other users or receive them, as well as pay for them from some merchants.

DigiByte Technical Specifications

Commencement date: January 10, 2014.

Blockchain Type: public, decentralized, UTXO-based, multi-algorithm

Ticker Designation: DGB

Genesis Block Hash: “USA Today: 10 / Jan / 2014, Target: data stolen from clients up to 110M”

Max Total Delivery: From 2014 to 2035, 21 billion Digibytes will be created for 21 years.

Reduction of compensation for the unit: 1% Monthly

5x production algorithms: Sha256, Script, Groestl, Skein & Qubit

Blocking of blocks: 15-second blocks, (1.5 minutes per ego)

Block Algo Share: 20% Block Share Per Algo (5)

The complexity of Retarget: each 1 block, 5 separate difficulties, 1 for each mountain Algo

SegWit Support: Yes. The first major altcoin is to successfully activate Segwit. (April 2017)

4x Hardforks: DigiShield, MultiAlgo, MultiShield, DigiSpeed

3x Softforks: SegWit, CSV, NVersionBips

Current delivery: 8,107,031,908 DGB (2017)

Annual supply inflation: 12% in 2017.

Current interest rate: 842 DGB

Comparison with Bitcoin


The issue of data security was rarely as actual as today.

The developer of DigiByte, Jared Tate, has amazed many users with his development and created one of the most global, secure and decentralized cryptocurrencies.

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Jared Tate is the founder and creator of DigiByte. Jared has been involved in the bitcoin community since 2012. In autumn 2013, he decided to make some improvements to the basic Bitcoin protocol, which was ended with the release of DigiByte on January 10, 2014. DigiByte, for the first time, has developed many improvements to blocking devices, such as DigiShield, MultiShield & MultiAlgo, which are now implemented by many other digital currencies, including Dogecoin.

The first addition to the exchanges: February 6, 2014

Price: 1 (DGB) = 0.001 $