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CUBE is a British corporation that manufactures a security platform for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology. Autonomous cars constantly communicate with various sites to remotely monitor their internal and external devices.

What does the company / project do?

These different types of network access increase the risk of malicious attacks on stand-alone vehicles. The cube solves the safety issue of these autonomous vehicles using blockchain technologies, in-depth training based on AI and quantum cryptography.

How CUBE Coin Works

Have you ever wondered how an automaton works? Well, when the car works, there are many IOTs that provide information that guides the vehicle to the next course of action. An attacker is looking for access to one of the networks, thereby disrupting the smooth communication between the autonomous vehicle and the traffic center.

However, using CUBE Coin ensures that the attacker cannot access the networks. In addition, if an attacker gains access, the car recognizes a foreign command and is automatically blocked.

The Cube platform is aimed at correcting these factors and improving the security of the system. With the help of the blockchain, developers are striving to create a network with an accelerated and reliable exchange of information based on the principles of the Internet of Things.

It is assumed in the Cube system to build an algorithm that can independently detect and eliminate threats at the initial stage of their appearance. To do this, a self-learning artificial intelligence is developed that can recognize false information.

The principle of operation of this technology is quite simple. The simplified scheme implies the presence in the updated data of links to the blockchain as a proof of reliability. Without hashed data, the information entered is considered unauthorized.

For the development and training of artificial intelligence, Cube apply all the data on the autonomous movement. The mileage, fuel consumption, number of passengers and all the attendant factors create a base for hashing, on the basis of which the system receives not only information for updates and self-improvement, but also forms protection against external impact.

All the information received is encrypted with the original quantum hashing technology, which makes it resistant to hacking attempts. As a result, Cube implements a sufficiently safe and self-sufficient infrastructure for autonomous vehicle management.

How will the CUBE Coin token be used?

The cube is likely to be a game changer in the automotive and cryptocurrency industries. Owners of Cuba will be entitled to use the coin in the following ways:

  • Payment at the gas station
  • Buying a new or old car
  • Payment in the garage
  • Fee for the exchange of tires
  • Career payment

Separate attention in the analysis of the Cube platform is paid to the internal cryptocurrency. Developers set a goal to make it in demand not only for investment but also for use.

It is planned to charge funds for providing information on autonomous management. That is, when the autopilot is turned on, the user also connects to the Cube system, providing real-time traffic information and receiving a reward for it.

The received information will be directed to the analysis and improvement of algorithms of artificial intelligence. The users themselves will be able to use the obtained cryptocurrency to access additional platform tools, as well as in calculations with the partners of the project.

For these purposes, Cube plans to expand its partnership not only in the field of blockchain technology but also in the service sector. Refueling, shops, car services – they can all connect to the project and provide a range of goods and services for the cryptocurrency.

Also, through internal cryptocurrency, it is planned to implement and interact with other services involved in road traffic. The emphasis is on the possibility of car insurance, based on smart contracts and the decentralization of the detachment.


Automotive telematics business

  • Developed automobile telematic devices in Korea.
  • These devices were sold in the US, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Singapore and Australia.
  • 10M with an income of 300 million dollars.
  • He received the “Best World Car Prize” award from Frost & Sullivan.
  • IOT Platform for Carsharing

Dr.Lee founded the “Greencar” platform for the joint use of cars with 700 vehicle fleets. Then it was sold to the Korean-Japanese conglomerate Lotte. Greencar went to support a fleet of 5000 cars, and market capitalization – more than 300 million US dollars.

It is planned that Greencar will fully apply CUBE security technology to ensure the safety of its fleet.


The nearest plans for the development of Cube are based on the following tasks:

  • April 2018 – contracts with automotive companies related to blocking technologies;
  • May – implementation of the basic version of the software, capable of self-renewal based on the information received;
  • June – formation of a full-fledged network architecture, further expansion of partnership agreements with new companies;
  • July – Cube conference in Seoul;
  • August – publication of reports on research conducted in the field of autonomous transport management;
  • September – report on the marketing campaign;
  • October – formation of the network architecture for artificial intelligence;
  • November – Cube conference in Tokyo;
  • December – annual report, provided through online translation in real time.

In the long term, a significant amount of Cube development is planned to be fully implemented in 2019. Some aspects will evolve and improve in 2020, and the quantum hashing algorithm will be implemented in the blockchain system in 2022.


The coin is revolutionary in that it is aimed at serving a sector that exponentially grows and has few, if any, competitors. The fact that you will use the Cube coin for daily payments makes it even more attractive.

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Dr. Bong Lee graduated from Stanford AMP, SUNY and 12 years working as a professor. Since then, Dr.Lee has been working in the field of information technology in the automotive industry for 15 years. He created Xroad and generated $ 300 million USD and is listed on KOSDAQ (Korean stock exchange). Most recently, Dr.Lee co-founded the joint use of cars “Green Car” and continued to sell it “KT Kumho Rent-a-Car.” “Green car” continued to add to its fleet more than 5,000 cars and a market capitalization of more than 300 million US dollars.

Robert Cook studied sociocultural studies and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology at Goldsmith University in London. He is well versed in business development, marketing, start-ups and consultations with large Korean corporations. He now applies these skills with great interest, focused on the potential of blockchain technology and machine learning, which, in his view, revolutionizes the way we live and interact with the world.

Jae Sung Lee founded CUBE in 2017 and is currently the head of the office in Seoul. Jae Sung Lee is a doctor and has been working closely with the Cube team since the initial Green Car project. He came to Cuba after working in the hospital. He specialized in mechanical engineering at Hanyang University. After that, he graduated from the medical school of Kyung-hee University and continued work in the university hospital.

Sale of tokens: until February 28, 2018

Type of the token: ERC20

ICO Token Price: 1 AUTO = 0.001 ETH

The first addition to the exchanges: March 4, 2018

Price: 1 AUTO = 0.021 $