June 7, 2018180

The 1884 year. The Dow Jones index was developed, which helped track the level of development of the US industrial sector. It was calculated as the arithmetic average between the 30 largest companies and the prices of their shares.

What does the company/project do?

The 1957 year. The S & P 500 index was developed, which helped to track the level of development of the entire US economy. Calculated by a complex formula that takes into account the capitalization of each company being tracked.

The 2017 year. The CRYPTO20 index was developed, which operates in the cryptocurrency market and performs the function of the S & P 500. The official site is crypto20.

CRYPTO20 is a single token that displays the average value of 20 crypto-currencies, leading in terms of capitalization:

fund CRYPTO20 to monitor the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market and from all coins, only the 20 largest ones are selected;

the formed portfolio is periodically reviewed: assets that have lost their popularity are removed, and new ones are added to their place.

CRYPTО20 allows investors not to monitor the situation on crypto exchanges, monitor analytics and respond to bursts of increased volatility. It is enough to buy one token, pay an annual commission (0.05%) and get a diversified tool for working with crypto.

ICO was finished on November 30, 2017. For the development of the project, it was necessary to attract at least $ 5,000,000. This amount was received at the pre-sale stage in just a few hours. Below the information sheet will be published, in which the main characteristics of CRYPTО20 are presented.

Roadmap for CRYPTO20 (C20)

In February 2018, all technical tasks were implemented, the finished product was created and the CRYPTO20 project was in the scaling stage. Users can purchase a C20 token on crypto exchanges and use it for their investment purposes.

In the second half of 2018, the CRYPT20 team will begin developing additional funds, some of which will be managed by artificial intelligence. Participants of CRYPTO20 will get priority access to new products.

The cost of the tokens CRYPTО20 (C20)

As of February 20, 2018, the market capitalization of the CRYPTO20 project reached 95 million US dollars. At the same time, out of 40.6 million coins, 39.3 million were invested in turnover.

The C20 token hit the crypto exchange on January 22, 2018, at a price of $ 3.95 per coin. Above this mark for the first month of trading, the price did not rise and on February 20, 2013, traded at $ 2.42.


CRYPTO20 is a comprehensive solution for investors who want to distribute their risks when working with cryptocurrency. In February 2018, work on C20 tokens was completed and 39.3 million of 40.6 million coins were already put into circulation.

Despite all the marketing attractiveness, the CRYPTO20 project has its shortcomings. The cryptocurrency index fund is just a market indicator, which in itself does not represent any value. If the value of the cryptocurrency is sharply reduced or restricted by government agencies, the investor can lose money, regardless of which coins will be included in the index portfolio.

Do not forget about the direct competitor – CRYPTEX20. It is unclear why the market for two similar products, which are not much different even by name. It is not excluded that soon someone else will create a more perfect index fund and close this niche with his product. If this happens, the cost of C20 tokens will not increase.