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CPChain (CPC) is a platform created to manage “the Internet of things”. It is based on blockchain technology and works with the help of a decentralized data structure. The official site is cpchain.io.

Unlike other similar projects, CPChain is characterized by its coverage. Let’s analyze this moment with an example.

What does the company/project do?

The user can connect the “smart house” system and by means of the “IoT” technology (Internet of things) significantly reduce their energy costs: the sensors themselves will analyze the state of the environment and turn off unnecessary devices. With the help of the CPChain platform, the same actions can be performed on a whole scale.

The CPChain platform integrates stand-alone Internet systems of things into a single ecosystem.

The implementation of CPChain (CPC) platform will solve three main problems of the current Internet system of things: high equipment cost, narrow territorial coverage, and low-security level.

The CPChain platform can be used in any field of activity that is associated with voluminous databases: from educational programs to the management of unmanned vehicles. More information about the project you will learn from “WhitePaper”. The document can be downloaded in full and short version.

CPChain roadmap (CPC)

There is no detailed development plan on the site cpchain.io. In the blog we were able to find the following information:

until the end of the second quarter of 2018, a full package of functional characteristics will be developed that will be equipped with the CPChain platform;

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the first prototype of the CPChain platform will work.

Also on the pages of the blog is announced a strategic partnership with the project High-Performance Blockchain (HPB).

CPC token price

The CPC token was added to the stock exchange on January 31, 2018, at a price of $ 0.3 per coin. In total, 1 billion of crypto units will be in circulation, of which March 1, 2018, 226,715,852 CPC were issued. At the same time, the volume of capitalization reached $ 53,229,481, and the value of the token was $ 0.23. The historical maximum was fixed on February 1, 2018, and was at the level of $ 0.42.


The CPChain platform is a promising cryptocurrency project that is necessary for the modern Internet of things. Critics are confused by three points:

  • The platform develops without an active marketing program;
  • in the team there are no authoritative advisers;
  • The first working prototype will appear only at the end of 2018.\

While the above factors will not be corrected, CPChain management cannot count on a strong inflow of investments. This means that in 2018, the CPC token is unlikely to cost more than $ 1.

The further scenario will depend on how effective the prototype of the CPChain platform will be: if everything goes according to plan, then in 2019 the CPC will greatly increase in price; If there is a failure or a delay, it will remain at the same level.

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Sale of tokens: January 24, 2018

ICO Token Price: 1 CPC = 0.10 USD (0.00010 ETH)

The first addition to the exchanges: January 31, 2018

Price: 1 CPC = 0.32 $

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