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Founded in 2015, Cindicator strives to improve decision-making capabilities when investing, using the wisdom of the crowd.

The platform, now in the mobile application, asks users questions about the financial / cryptocurrency market.

What does the company / project do?

Cindicator seeks to create the infrastructure to provide the following benefits to the financial and cryptocurrency market:

  • Technological and analytical infrastructure for efficient and safe management of investors’ capital by investors or licensed managers.
  • The ability for analysts to monetize their intellectual assets without risking their own funds.
  • Tools and data for making investment decisions in conditions of market uncertainty.
  • Modern industry analytics, expectations, opportunities and market growth points.
  • Indices and ratings of cryptoactive assets.

How advanced is the project?

Currently, the Cindicator platform employs more than 8,000 users. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The screenshot of the application is shown below:

Here are some of the past achievements of the Cindicator team:

November 2014 – the idea of collective intelligence was conceived.

December 2015 – the first version of the released platform based on iOS.

January 2016 – the team joined the Starta accelerator because of its location in New York. Cindicator collected $ 300,000 after the completion of the acceleration program.

August 2016 – The beginning of direct testing and trade.

November 2016 – Membership in Microsoft BizSpark with a grant of $ 120,000.

January 2017 – the API for trading signals was launched, which allowed launching the test integration with 11 hedge funds and three banks.

April-May 2017 – $ 200,000 of funds received from a number of investors from Finnish technologies in seed production.

Below are some of the stages that Cindicator aims to achieve:

November 2017 – Trading indicators, indexes, analytical products, ICO ratings, the release of the web version of the collective intelligence platform.

Q1 2018 – the 1-st dynamic reward for forecasters by foreclosure of CND tokens, trading robots.

2019 – the Technical infrastructure of investment funds, cryptic ETF, safe infrastructure.

How can owners of tokens make money?

  • Intense forecasters

CND tokens are used to encourage weather forecasters to provide accurate forecasts because the more accurate they are, the more CND they will earn.

Having received the appropriate licenses, Cindicator will allocate 20% of the funds to the portfolio managed by the hybrid intelligence of the Syndicator. Potential profit from this portfolio will be used to buy CND tokens on stock exchanges and distribute such tokens to forecasters in proportion to their rating, accuracy, and participation for a certain period.

There are two uses of CND – to obtain information available from CNDs or from spending CND.

Holding CND

Each CND token holder can gain a new level of access to the indicators, indices, data, services, information and analytical products of Cindicator.

Examples of access include the following:

  • Indicators of traditional markets and crypto-markets.
  • Auxiliary service products for trade (Telegram and Slack bots, notifiers and portfolio monitoring products).
  • Analytical products (ICO ratings, market analysis, due diligence ICO and portfolio analysis of investors).
  • Market indices and moods generated by hybrid intelligence.

The level of access and available products and tools will depend on the number of tokens at the disposal of each owner, which in turn will depend on the level of active participation in the ecosystem.

CND costs

Additional intelligence can be purchased only with the help of CND:

  • Daily/weekly / monthly distribution of indicators via messenger/e-mail.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) is a website with access to indicators and analytics of Hybrid Intelligence for various events.
  • Mobile app.
  • Access to the API.

Since services will be provided to CND holders or for purchase through CND, the more valuable Cindicator information, the more valuable CND tokens should be.


The upper limit of $ 15 million. The US is relatively low for a solid project, which provides a limited flaw.

Several institutional investors have already invested in Cindicator, which means that the company has already been thoroughly tested by these investors.

The project is two years in development and has a mobile application released by more than 10,000 users. Cindicator also announced that the two foundations decided to contribute to the folds in addition to Cindicator customers.

Emotions and speculation currently control a large part of the cryptocurrency market. With the Cindicator platform, investors can easily understand what the crowd thinks in real time and act accordingly based on the information.

The system of tokens makes sense, as it gives an incentive for weather forecasters to actively participate and give accurate forecasts.


Cindicator is oriented both to the traditional financial market and to the cryptographic market. Since the two markets differ in terms of infrastructure (data sources, news flow, etc.), Cindicator can face the problem of focusing on both markets simultaneously.

In the field of artificial intelligence and finance, there are several competitors – Numerai, Enigma and other cryptographic data providers, such as Santiment and Coindash.

All these projects have a market capitalization in the range of 25 to 50 million dollars. The syndicate can be difficult to trade on market capitalization is much higher than that of competitors.


For long-term investment

Good. The financial data industry is large, and the subsystem of the cryptosystem is just beginning. With a working platform that has good reception and use, I believe that Cindicator has a good chance of success.

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Cindicator has a team of 11 people, each of whom has relevant experience in their field.

Below are the biographies of the main team members:

Mike Brusov, CEO – Serial Entrepreneur. Previous co-founder of Wobot and head of mobile software products Digital.

Yury Lobyntsev, technical director – Serial entrepreneur. Previously, the CEO of Octabrain and Oumobile.

Artem Baranov, chief operating officer – former chief operating officer of Octabrain and Crimson Jackets.

Cindicator has a strong line of consultants, including Charlie Schrem, the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation and the Director of Business and Community Development of Jaxx, Anthony Dirrijo, CEO, and founder of Jaxx, Marcus Killick, Chairman of the Board of Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Alexander Ivanov, founder of the Waves platform.

Sale of tokens: 12 SEP – 24 SEP 2017

ICO Token Price: 1 CND = 0.0100 USD

The first addition to the exchanges: October 13, 2017

Price: 1 CND = 0.019 $