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Bread is a new blockchain solution, which is a comprehensive platform for wallets, but on closer examination, it offers more features.

The platform seeks to spread quickly to all aspects of the global financial environment and intends to launch the very first wage-based remuneration program.

What does the company / project do?

The “Bread” platform is equipped with a marker bread or BRD and allows users to invest directly, receive payments and pay a wide range of services and goods, including music, food, transportation, and bills.

Bread is also aimed at providing lifesaving services, international money transfers, the provision of peer-to-peer lending, crypto escrow, portfolio management and performance monitoring solutions.

A bit of history

Bread (formerly BreadWallet), which in the spring of 2017 attracted $ 7 million from venture investors, exists since 2014 and is positioned as a convenient way to store bitcoin, which is also the original digital token.

According to Bread co-founder Aaron Lachher, the decision to restart the application and rebrand the company is a recognition that the cryptocurrency world is becoming more extensive and complex than it was several years ago.

“Bread was created in 2014 as a simple and safe solution at a time when other wallets were so complex that they could only use wunderkinder. However, now everything can be tokenized, and cryptocurrencies become an obligatory part of the investment portfolio, “says Lacher in an interview with Fortune.

 Bread token

The Bread or BRD symbol is created on the Ethereum network and is the standard ERC-20 marker. The most interesting feature of BRD tokens is the privileges they give to the owners. Tokens allow holders to access a wide range of discounts, reward levels, additional services, premium functions.

The “Bread” platform is aimed at providing users with the opportunity to earn BRD through a number of different promotions, including polls, gifts distribution, and even automatic airframes.


Bread, like the competing Blockchain wallet, differs from popular services, such as Coinbase, it allows users to maintain control over private keys that open and close wallets. For example, a platform application generates series of 12 random words that serve to replicate a private key.

According to Lacher, Bread is the most popular wallet on iOS. He also says that in the future Bread intends to become an online exchange where people can buy, sell and store their digital tokens.


It may take time to synchronize with the blockchain if you have not used the application for a long time.



Bread is one of the most reasonably designed financial organizations that have recently faced the ecosystem of the blockchain and is supported by a large team of industry experts.

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Bread is a company with a head office in Zurich, Switzerland, with customers in more than 150 countries.

Bread’s executive team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, marketing and business professionals, and includes full-time employees such as CEO, CTO, CMO, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Specialist and much more.

The project also has employees working on the visual design of the product, product management, customer support, social networks, etc. External consultants are used in such areas as PR, SEO, financial / tax accounting and much more.

Adam Trejdman. General Director, co-founder. Earlier, Adam was the CEO of WearSens, a startup carrier focused on monitoring eating habits. Earlier in his career, Adam was the CEO of Chip Estimate, acquired in 2008 by Cadence Design Systems.

Aaron Voisine. President and co-founder. Earlier, Aaron led the development of mobile applications in Yammer and Banjo. Aaron co-founded Lightt, a popular video sharing application that was sold in 2014.

Aaron Lachcher. CMO & Co-Founder. Aaron is a marketing specialist with 10 years of experience developing and promoting customer-oriented research for new and high-tech products in the health and life sciences, including the most advanced software applications.


Sale of tokens: December 19, 2017

ICO Token Price: 1 BRD = 0.78 USD (0.00111 ETH)

The first addition to the exchanges: December 24, 2017

Price: 1 (BRD) = 0.155