June 11, 2018100

Bitdeal is Cryptocurrency + Economy of mutual aid+ Industrial revolution 4.0

Bitdeal Coin intends to provide professional tools for trade and exchange of cryptocurrency within the legal framework with powerful technological and legal protection of financial assets. The ecosystem, which the company deploys in the world markets, includes tools for both ordinary users and private cryptocurrency investors, as well as for investment funds and financial organizations.

What can users buy with Bitdeal?

Various services, such as restaurants, spas, coffee shops, etc. Bitdeal can become partners. Thus, Bitdeal is an alternative method of payment. Using the Bitdeal application, users can make purchases and use the services to find the best offers. In a word, Bitdeal = Groupon (discounts) + Agoda (booking) + Cryptocurrency

Bitdeal is a digital currency that allows two interested parties to conduct safe and private transactions around the world.

Bitdeal is the true value

Bitdeal – global payment system now brings you closer

Bitdeal – a way of payment in the future is available.

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