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Bitcore (BTX) is a digital coin that eliminates some technical drawbacks of bitcoin. The new cryptocurrency functions as a payment system and does not contain innovative technological solutions in its code. Official site

What does the company / project do?

The Bitcore coin is an improved and cheaper bitcoin version that can be purchased on crypto-exchanges or obtained through mining on a video card. If it were not for the bonus program offering interest charges for storing tokens on branded wallets, then the concept of Bitcore cannot be distinguished from Bitcoin.

According to the developers, Bitcore (BTX) has more functionality for scaling. If in the future the block will develop at the rate of 2017, then Bitcore can become one of the most popular payment systems.

For detailed information about the project, visit the section “FAQ” on the site There, the founders of the project posted updated links to official sources that allow you to get a coin, download a wallet, exchange and find suitable mining pools.


– AWARD FOR STORAGE (Airdrop model)

– MAINING AVAILABLE (Timetravel 10 (GPU))


Bitcore BTX: fast payment solution

Founded on April 24, 2017, Bitcore aims to become the No. 1 decision for direct payments. Bitcore has one of the lowest commission fees on the market, providing, perhaps, the best solution for scaling across the entire chain in the entire cryptosphere.

The application for the first snapshot (bitcoin-block No. 463604) was completed on October 30. We made a new snapshot of the Bitcoin network on November 2, 2017. These 5 million addresses can claim BTX / Bitcore for free!

Core With its own add-ins

Bitcore works on the version of the wallet, and in order to name just two add-ons, we have SegWit, and also Bloom is activated since we started the coin. The block size is 20 MB, whereas block-time, total amount and time and half-time are similar to BTC.

Free weekly broadcast

Every Monday all registered wallets that are loaded with at least 1 BTX will receive a 6% bonus! It’s six percent of all. One. A week. Enjoy!


Bitcore (BTX) is a simple, convenient and fast payment system with all the functions of bitcoin. The coin is interesting for miners and long-term investors who can earn on its long-term storage.

The roadmap is calculated until the end of 2018 and it is not yet known which function will be presented in the future. If no innovative implementations occur, then the demand for BTX tokens can dramatically decrease: the project has several competitors who rely on technology and deduce blocking out of the payment system.

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Core Developer

Chris is Bitcore’s main developer. He has worked on several other coins like BitSend, Bitcloud and more.

Founder from Limxtec



Jon is the API, Electrum and infrastructure developer for Bitcore.


Brand Ambassador & Social Media

He supervises the contact for exchanges, listing sites and more.


Graphic Designer

David is the artistic mind behind Bitcore. He is also working on media publications and supports the core team’s workflow.


Web Development & Project Consultant

Bitterness both legally and technically.

Joshafest and Kaali

Qt – Developer

QT and GUI developer with long time experience in the crypto space.

The first addition to the exchanges: April 28, 2017

Price: 1 BTX = 6.60 $

Launched in April 2017


21 million coins

10MB lock (20MB SegWit)

2.5 min.

The size of the blockchain is less than 300 MB

Mining algo: Timetravel 10 (GPU)

SegWit and Bloom online

Smooth Diff64_15 complexity algorithm (retarget)

Equitable distribution: aerial shots claiming through a snapshot (for BTC owners)