Basic Attention Token

June 11, 2018165

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token that you can use to access various advertising services and services to attract attention to the Brave platform – a new digital advertising system on the blockchain. User behavior is tracked using the Brave browser, and users who publish content receive an appropriate reward in BAT.

What does the company / project do?

BAT will be the so-called “user’s attention”, which means that this token will be equal to some quantitative representation of the ads shown to users.

The team wants to create a system that will not allow other trackers to monitor your presence on the Internet. If you decide that you want to see ads, you will be rewarded with BAT tokens and will see only those ads that are produced only from your activity at the browser level.

The ecosystem will include publishers, consumers, and advertisers. The advertiser will buy BAT tokens to exchange them for the attention of users and pay publishers. Publishers are going to receive payments in BAT, and then exchange for real money. If users want, they can view the ads and get some BAT for that.

Digital Advertising Issues

This area is now oversaturated with fraudulent organizations, torrent trackers, and malicious programs flooding resources with advertising direct proof of this.

But the field of digital advertising is very promising, but due to the use of ad blockers, the AdBlock type is causing damage to this area of $ 7.2 billion. According to rough estimates, the AdBlock program is installed on 600 million devices, and this greatly distorts information about the number of users to whom advertising comes.


50% of the usual mobile user data is spent on downloading advertisements and trackers, which means that users spend more on data plans every month than necessary

On average, mobile devices take about 5 seconds, on average

Ads reduce the battery life of the phone by as much as 21%

Large media sites can hold up to 70 trackers on one page, which means that the privacy of each user is constantly broken

Malicious programs, including malicious advertising and redemption, rose 132% in one year.

Publishers are afraid

Google and Facebook receive a huge share of advertising revenue, resulting in about 73% of all advertising dollars and 99% of the total growth

Revenues in the publishing industry decreased by 66%

Bots spent $ 7.2 billion on fraud in the industry last year

Over 600 million phones and desktops launch adware blocking software

Publishers try to seamlessly monetize value-added services without losing users and without degrading the quality of their product

Advertisers lose

Advertisers are fighting for access to good information about what they are paying for

Marketers can be deceived by fictitious sites or rogue bots

Targeting is not accurate, which means that users are more likely to ignore advertising when advertising is not relevant to their needs


BAT is based on the chain of Ethereum. This is a decentralized, transparent digital exchange of ads, which is based on two main parts: the main token of attention (BAT) and Brave Browser.

Brave is a unique type of browser launched last year. An open source, the privacy-oriented browser blocks violations and tracking, while allowing publishers to generate revenue from advertising. Brave Browser uses a register system that anonymously captures the user’s attention in a way that accurately rewards publishers.

The main token of attention, meanwhile, is the unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users. The token is received from – or denominated – by the user’s attention. Attention, as mentioned above, can be defined as “concentrated mental interaction”. In this case, users focus on advertising.

At the core of the ecosystem, the main focus of attention is on the two parts mentioned above. Basically, Brave Browser knows where users spend their time, which means that the browser can be used to calculate and reward publishers with BAT. This leads to the creation of a transparent and efficient market for digital advertising, based on the blockchain.

All benefits: publishers receive more revenue because intermediaries and fraud are reduced. Users who prefer to receive less advertising, but more advertising-oriented, are less susceptible to malware. And advertisers get better information about their costs.

Here are the advantages for each of the three parties that make up the ecosystem of digital advertising:

Users: Users get BAT to focus on advertising. The user’s attention is controlled confidentially on the device using the Brave browser, and the user’s personal data never leaves his device.

Advertisers: Advertisers achieve higher ROI, improve targeting, and reduce fraud.

Publishers: Publishers receive BAT based on user’s attention. As for inefficiency decreases, incomes increase.

One of the key components of BAT is the “Anonymous Shield”, which protects users. This screen does not allow advertisers and publishers to collect information from users or track them through the Internet.

Development prospects

The Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency project and the new high-speed browser Brave has a significant potential for development. The idea of creation offers the user a comfortable environment for using the Internet, as well as the opportunity to receive a reward for certain activities.

In such conditions, the proposed advertisement will be aimed at what the user needs. Unclaimed and obtrusive offers, fraudulent and malicious links are excluded. At the same time, Brave browser guarantees the high speed of data processing and system performance.

The relevance of the project was confirmed by the May 2010 ICO Basic Attention Token – about a billion coins were sold in a minute, the total amount of attracted investments is about 35 million dollars. Such indicators emphasize the relevance of the platform among companies and ordinary users.


Analysts confirm the prospects of the Basic Attention Token project – even if the user is not interested in high-quality advertising, it will receive an excellent fast browser for working on the Internet. Advertisers for their part receive an analysis tool that offers up-to-date information about user activity.

The Basic Attention Token project eventually becomes profitable for all its participants, but for some users, it also has negative consequences. Special attention is paid to the protection of copyright holders – torrents and other sites with pirated content will also be blocked.

As a result, Brave browser becomes an ordered tool for Internet access. Due to active user and investor support, the Basic Attention Token project has a significant potential for further development.

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The creator of Brave browser and BAT cryptocurrency is Brandon H. – well-known IT community as the creator of JavaScript language, and one of the creators of Mozilla’s Internet browser. Brandon Eich is confident that his project will be successful because the digital advertising sector is now very inaccurate. This is due to the fact that advertisers have not exactly accurate information about the target audience where they place ads because it often happens that to promote the site, it sends “bots”, which confuses the description of the average user.

Brian Bondi (co-founder, leading developer of browsers)

Yan Zhu

Security & Privacy Engineering

EFF Fellow. Previously: Yahoo, Tor Project, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger

Scott Locklin

BAT Smart Contracts & Economics

Co-founded Kerf Software. Machine Learning, Forecasting & Quantitative Finance

Bradley Richter

Brand & Interaction Design

Previously: EFI/Fiery, Co-creator: eBeam & Luidia, Percipo. Advising Circullio

Catherine Corre


Previously: AOL, Netscape

Marshall Rose

Ledger & Wallet Systems

PhD, UC Irvine. Creator: SNMP; Previously on the Internet Engineering Task Force

Sale of tokens: May 31, 2017

ICO Token Price: 1 BAT = 0.035 USD

The first addition on exchanges: June 1, 2017

Price: 1 BAT = 0.168 $