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Achain is a simple, effective and secure blockchain platform. Users can use Achain to deploy digital assets quickly, smart contracts and other decentralized applications at the enterprise level.

After two years of development, Achain received recognition in the market as a leading platform for the release of digital assets.

What does the company/project do?

Its unique RDPOS (the result of delegation of evidence) of a distributed consensus mechanism implements the full intellectual contract of Turing, a virtual machine with intellectual property rights.

Achain’s performance in the chain can be as phenomenal as 1000TPS (transactions per second).

Achain can create and run smart contracts, produce various types of digital assets. Thus, it applies to areas of copyright protection, evidence of evidence, etc.

Key Benefits of Achain

Outstanding blockchain technology

  • The winner of the Innovch Application competition from China Blockchain. The event was organized by the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance with the support of the Network Security Bureau and many others.
  • The winner of the Blockchain development competition in China, which was guided and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Administration for Standardization and many others. other

The aforementioned awards are the most influential awards of the blockchain received in China, which reflect a strict technology here.

 Smart contract of the new generation

  •  A smart contract platform that can implement 100% testing of route coverage in an official public chain with zero cost.
  • an enterprise-level platform that can upgrade smart contracts with limited and controlled authorization.
  • effective VM smart contracts, supported by several languages.
  • Achain is updated on the basis of smart contract 1.0 and, thus, has significantly improved in terms of concurrency, functionality, and availability. Developers of all levels can easily learn to navigate the Achain platform.

 A consensus agreement 

  • RDPOS Achain responds to numerous requirements at the enterprise level with full flexibility. Clients can not only choose from RDPOS, DPOS, POS, LPOS, PBFT and other consensus mechanisms but also independently use the ECC encryption algorithm or the internal encryption algorithm.

Modular design, arbitrary combination

  • Depending on the state of the transaction of the packet result (R-Result) during the node of the production unit, RDPOS determines whether the verification is carried out by the agency or all nodes. This provides an efficient verification process regardless of the different application scenarios.
  • Achain borrows the idea of a modular template, commonly used in traditional Internet products, to apply to creating a blockchain. This allows more developers to participate in their community. Developers are rewarded by providing a multitude of modules that can be considered as small pieces of created blocks on a chain. In the future, more developers will be able to use these blocks to better and quickly create a smart contract.

What are the similarities between Achain and Ethereum?

They are both public blockchains, capable of performing smart contracts and applications, and are managed by digital assets, have founded in crypto-isolation and are open source.

As in Ethereum, Achain has a blockchain that contains data blocks (transactions and smart contracts). These blocks are created by the participants, while the other participants check them.

ACT, cryptocurrency from Achain, is used to pay the cost of calling smart contracts and other transaction fees.

What are the differences between Achain and Ethereum?

Ethereum uses the consensus of POW + POS, while Achain uses its original RDPOS distributed consensus (is still improving).

The difference between RDPOS and DPOS is the point that performs the verification of the execution of the smart contract. DPOS uses the appropriate node to execute the intellectual contract to compare it with the execution of the production unit node.

RDPOS will dynamically determine, in accordance with the transaction state of the result (for example, R-Result) during the node package of the production block, whether to check the smart contract by the appropriate node or all nodes.

For example, for a specific smart contract, if an intellectual contract requires a long period of time and the intellectual state of the smart contract is large, different strategies must be adopted to facilitate quick verification of the smart contract.

In the case of an unpackaged transaction caused by a negative result of a smart contract, the block generation node will only package the transaction of the Hash results so that all modes can automatically participate in the verification. This consensus mechanism theoretically improves the performance of transactions throughout the network.

The average operation time of Achain is 10 seconds.

The transaction performance is up to 1000TPS (transactions per second).


Stage 1. Singularity (2014 ~ 2016)

The first stage is to increase the security and stability of the Achain network. Smart contracts, digital assets, and sandbox simulations are provided through a modular methodology design. Sandbox can automatically test and monitor the environment in which smart contracts are in place. Thus, they guarantee that these contracts will be stable and secure in Network Achain.

Stage 2. The Galaxy (2016 ~ 2017)

Achain splits into several sub-chains to satisfy the need for various applications in reality, including insurance, electronic documentation, cryptocurrency, accounts, credit rating and much more can be performed by sub-steps within interconnected, inexpensive, user-friendly and configurable chain network.

Stage 3. Cosmos (2017 ~ 2018)

 The concept and technology of BaaS and VEP (Value Exchange Protocol) can not only

combine the main chain and sub-chains, and also connect non-blockchain to the blockchain ecosystem. This pushes the world’s interconnections to a larger, all-encompassing dimension.

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Cui Meng

– President and founder of Beijing Goopal Technology Co., Ltd.

-recognized by one of the prominent entrepreneurs at the age of 30 known by the venture capital magazine “CYZONE”

– awarded the 100 best technological awards of the world famous technological business magazine Red Herring global

Dane Elliott

Business Director and Achain Speaker

Graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Strong quantitative background and a passion for blockchain and data analysis.

Yannick Laplante-Dieumegarde

Community Manager in Canada

Based in Canada. Physiotherapist | Entrepreneur | Investor | Speaker | Achain promoter in North America. 28 years old. Founded two physiotherapy clinics before getting invested in blockchain technology.

Mathew H. Engel

Community Manager

Based in the USA, Blockchain Enthusiast and Crypto Investor, Degree in National Security Studies and Risk Management, Expertise in Logistics, supply chain management, and grass roots marketing

Marco A. Ferndandez

Community Manager in North America

Based in the USA

expert in marketing and community management.

Karthikeyan Karuppasamy

Community Manager in India

Based in India

Crypto Fun | Internet Researcher | Operations Manager | Digital Media Analyst | Graphic Designer | Video Editor | Social Worker

Whiz Horlar Azeez

Community Manager in Africa

Based in Nigeria

Journalist, Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Wen Qing (文青)

Community Manager in China

A 23 years old Blockchain enthusiast studying Physics and Psychology.

Being absorbed in Philosophy.

A thinker who enjoys looking up at the vast nebula to think about own existence.

Be adept propaganda.

Kyle Solin

Community Manager in the USA

Based in Miami

ACT investor and blockchain enthusiast

Jonah Schulman

Community Manager in the USA

Based in Miami and Chicago

Studying Finance and Economics at The University of Miami.

Passionate marketer and cryptocurrency investor who is always moving towards the moon.

Magnus Bakke

Community Manager in Europe

and Code Contributor

A 23-year-old Norwegian blockchain enthusiast currently studying Informatics and system management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Have been programming since the age of 12.

Juan V. Castillo

Community Manager in Mexico

Blockchain enthusiast. Started trading crypto at the beginning of 2017. Traveler.


Community Manager

Based in Seoul, Korea. Purchasing Manager in Petrochemical Industry

Studied Commerce at University of Toronto

The passionate Achain promoter in Korea


Community Manager in Korea

Develops mobile / PC web version, ACT & Block Chain Technology & Financial News Collector and Information Provider, Major in Image Design, 2010~  stock trader.

JH Lee

Community Manager

Native English and Korean speaker, studied in the US for 7 years, majoring in mechanical engineering, co-work with international patent offices, wrote patent and design applications at the patent office.

Hoa Ng

Community Manager

Based on Vietnam, studied in Bussiness Management, have passion with Cryptocurrency market and finance, a crypto analyst in Vietnam

Trevor Sande

Community Manager Assistant

Based in Canada/Mexico. 3 years Experience in the blockchain industry focusing on marketing via social media to North American markets.

Ruhr University Bochum

Code Contributor

Studying Physics and Philosophy

A young investor in crypto and commodities

Strong interest in Financial Analysis and Programming

Sherman Lee

Achain Advisor

A partner at Zeroth and focuses on funding AI, the blockchain, and crypto. Also, a founder working on decentralized and distributed deep learning. provides cost-efficient and faster training of deep neural networks. His work has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, and Business Insider.

Phung Dinh

Community Manager

Blockchain knowledge provider and crypto analysis in Vietnam.

Sale of Tokens: July 7, 2017

Type of the token: ERC20

ICO Token Price: 1 (ACT) = 0.026 $ (1BTC = 100,000ACT.)

The first addition on exchanges: August 27, 2017 / Price: 1 (ACT) = 0,23 $

Achain collected 2189.047 BTC and 10436.34 ETH for 61 seconds on July 7, 2017.