BitClave is a decentralized search system. When we talk about search engines, Google and Yandex immediately come to mind. For example, Google – free search, free mail, free chat, and at the same time the company has a very big profit. Google collects information about users and it brings him a big profit.
June 11, 2018128
OpenChat is an open source organization founded by former Google employees. The basic definition of the Breadchain protocol chat. In the traditional XMPP protocol, a digital asset is added, which can be transmitted in each IM-function. BeeChat will provide full support to all OpenChat projects.
June 11, 2018169
The purpose of CHANGE is to become a full-service cryptographic bank, offering payments using cryptocurrency, and also a fully integrated FinTechs market. CHANGE plans for the development of several products: Crypto-wallet – facilitates the storage of all major crypto tokens, simple management of cryptographic portfolios, simple money transfers between peers and other functions.
June 11, 2018157
Most smart contracts that seek to imitate/replace securities, insurance, and most other financial arrangements will require access to off-network resources, such as data feeds, APIs and any other resource that exists outside the blockchains.
June 11, 2018127
Centra Card is a fully functional debit card that offers a wallet where users can safely store their assets. The map will work all over the world. It can be used in any place that accepts Visa or MasterCard. It completely works with a smart contract in the blockchain of Ethereum.
June 11, 2018145
CanYaCoin is a blockchain platform where people can reliably buy and sell services. The name of the platform comes from its simple goal: it wants to help people answer questions such as “CanYa help me with the bathroom repair?”. You are looking for a service provider through the application, and you can see a list of service providers in your area.
June 11, 2018168
Bytom (BTM) – is an interactive protocol based on byte assets. The purpose of the Bytom project is to transfer the external world into the digital world and tokenize all assets of the real sector. Inside the Bytom project, there are 2 types of byte assets: elementary byte assets and external byte assets.
June 11, 2018145
Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies provide better anonymity than transactions with fiat currency (for example, credit cards). However, with sufficient analysis of the wallet transaction can be tracked. This led to the creation of Bytecoin (BCN), a cryptocurrency with anonymity as its main philosophy.
June 11, 2018127
About Byteball This is an intonational currency without blockchain and ICO How does it work? In Byteball (Byteball) there are no blockchains, so there is no block size problem. Each new transaction refers to one or more previous (parent) transactions by including and signing their hashes. Transaction links on each other form a DAG
June 11, 2018141
Bread is a new blockchain solution, which is a comprehensive platform for wallets, but on closer examination, it offers more features. The platform seeks to spread quickly to all aspects of the global financial environment and intends to launch the very first wage-based remuneration program.
June 11, 2018139