Lisa Cheng

May 30, 2018235

Lisa Cheng is an entrepreneur, founder, consultant, analyst, developer, strategist and enthusiast of bitcoin-blockchain.

Lisa studied in Canada, British Columbia, at the University of Victoria; has a bachelor’s degree in political science. After her education, she began working for ADP in the sales department for small and medium-sized businesses.

Later, she worked in SAP; in 2013, she founded her own company Vanbex Group, a consultation on digital currencies, blockchain and decentralized technologies, which she currently manages.

In January 2014, she joined Mastercoin, a non-profit organization that supports Bitcoin technology as a business developer; then worked in the Ethereum.

In 2015, she also founded Etherparty, a simple tool for blockchain economy, and is also currently running the company. She participated in many organizations and projects related to bitcoin and blockchain.

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